10 Ways To Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy Every Woman Should Know


You probably know all about your body’s various systems.

These collections of organs and vessels are each responsible for a different function: your circulatory system brings oxygen all over your body, for example, and your digestive system is responsible for getting nutrients into your body to keep it healthy.

But there’s one very important system that everyone forgets about the lymphatic system.

Technically, the lymphatic system is part of your circulatory system, and kind of operates like its quiet, shadowy twin. A system of lymphatic vessels carries a clear liquid called lymph, which is responsible for helping move your blood around as well as for serving as a line of defense against sickness. It’s full of all kinds of white blood cells.

And because it’s responsible not only for moving things throughout your body and out of your body, your lymphatic system often comes into contact with nasty things like bacteria, viruses, and substances that your body would rather get rid of.

For women, this is especially important to remember. Major lymph nodes, which are organs full of immune cells, are located under the armpits and behind the breasts, making that area a hotspot for potential health risks, and why you need to pay extra attention to that area.

Keeping your lymphatic system healthy is key to keeping your whole body healthy, and for maintaining breast health. Learn a few tips below to keep your body in great shape.

What Is Your Lymphatic System?


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Your lymphatic system serves two major functions: it both transports material, the same way your blood does, and it’s responsible for your immune system.

The lymphatic system also collects extra fluid from your other organs and returns it to the bloodstream.

How Does It Affect Breast Health?


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For women, the lymphatic system is also a major part of breast tissue, and can be responsible for moving cancerous tissue from one part of the body to another.

Major lymphatic organs are located under the armpits, which makes it especially important for women to monitor their lymph health because these lymph nodes are so near the breasts.

Because they gather potentially hazardous materials, these nodes can play a major role in breast cancer growth.

How Can I Keep My Lymphatic System Healthy?
1. Eat Real Food


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Artificial additives like dyes, sweeteners, and preservatives are all swept up by your lymphatic system, and often get stored in your lymph nodes, exposing your breasts to all kinds of nasty things.

Avoid the problem by eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Basically, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, try to avoid it as much as possible. Real foods will keep your lymphatic system healthy and clean.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water


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Water is crucial for cleaning out your whole body, and the lymphatic system is no exception.

Water also helps it flow smoothly and easily through your body, where it mops up all kinds of messes.

Instead of soda, which contains a lot of artificial ingredients, stick to plain, old-fashioned water.

3. Take A Deep Breath


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Oxygen does your body a world of good, so breathe deep!

Not only is oxygen crucial for your health, but the physical motion of breathing is also great for working your lymphatic system and getting it moving and flowing.

You can try breathing exercises or breath-based habits like yoga or meditation, or simply take some deep breaths throughout the day. You’ll feel more awake, too!

4. Get Sweaty


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Sweating isn’t always very attractive, but it’s a great way to clean out your body and flush out your lymph nodes, especially the ones under your arms.

Like deep breathing, exercise is also a great way to get your lymphatic system moving. Try jumping rope, running, or dancing to get things moving and shaking.

5. Avoid Super-Tight Clothing


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Really tight clothes can restrict circulation of both blood and lymph, and the result is backups, blockages, and even damage to blood and lymph vessels.

To keep your body’s vessels free and open, wear clothing that fits properly. If you like a form-fitting look, opt for stretchy fabrics that will still allow you to move freely.

6. Take Off Your Bra


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Bras provide comfort andsupport, but your body needs time without one! But in the comfort of your home, ditch the bra.

Why? Well, like tight clothing, the elastic and wires in a bra can restrict lymph flow, and cause lymph, and whatever nasty substances in it, to back up right around the breast area.

7. Try Dry-Brushing


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Dry brushingis a practice where a bristle brush is rubbed over the skin.

It encourages circulation of both blood and lymph, and promotes oxygen distribution as well as the clean-up of the organs and tissues by the lymphatic system.

And also? It feels great. Try running a brush over your skin, moving from the extremities towards the heart.

8. Switch Up Your Shower Temperature


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Changing the temperature of your shower’s water will also get things moving in your body.

Hotter temperatures will cause blood and lymph to flow more freely, and colder temperatures will cause vessels to restrict. Changing the temperatures will get things moving even more.

Try alternating warmer and cooler temperatures in the shower. As an added bonus, it’s great for your skin.

9. Snack On Some Nuts


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Raw, unsalted nuts are a healthy snack anyway, but they’re also great for boosting lymphatic health.

The fatty acids in nuts serve to clean out the lymphatic system and rid the body of unwanted substances.

Try walnuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or hazelnuts.

10. Treat Yourself To A Massage


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A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to encourage the flow of lymph and the elimination of excess fluid and toxins.

A professional massage therapist can help direct the flow of your lymph so that it moves properly, and work with you to determine which areas of your body need the most attention. Plus it’s super relaxing!

Have you ever experienced a lymphatic blockage, or had ti result in a breast issue?

Tell us what you do to keep your lymphatic system healthy, and SHARE this important information with all the women in your life!

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