12 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Beanie Babies


Who can forget the adorableheart-shaped red tag with the white letters“ty” splashed on the front?

It seemed like everywhere you turned in the ’90s, there were Beanie Babies on the shelves if they weren’t sold out already. People couldn’t get enough of these plush animal dolls with cutenames and appearances to match.

And now, looking back on the craze, it’s truly amazing how much of a phenomenon the Beanie Babies actually were.

Although the obsession has definitely died down, the “ty” tag can still be found attached to the latest versions sold in stores, and you can stillpurchasesome of the most famous vintage dolls online for a pretty penny, of course.

However, since there’s nothing quite like these nostalgic animals, we did a little digging on our own to find out some surprisingfacts about Beanie Babies and the craze they created!

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1. It All Began With Nine Original Dolls


Much of the brand’s fame is thanks to the nine original dolls:Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Legs the Frog,Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Brownie the Bear, Patti the Platypus, and Pinchers the Lobster.

2. At First, They Were Exclusively Sold In Small Stores


When Beanie Babies were first introduced to the market, Ty Warner wanted them only sold in boutique shops and speciality stores. He obviously caved on this rule eventually and branched out toevery store imaginable, but his initial strategy created the sense of exclusivity.

3. Tabasco Sauce Inspired One Of The Most Popular Beanie Babies


You read that right: one of the most well-loved Beanie Babies of all time was originally named Tabasco the Bull, which was changed to Snort in order to avoid any legal issues with the brand.The first version actually had red feet, just like the color of the sauce!

4. Retirement Was A Thing


Ty Warner was a genius when it came to making his dolls more desirable than they already were, and created the concept of “retiring” his dollsso that consumers rushed to grab them while they could.

5. They Were Created To Be Affordable For Kids


Going beyond the adult consumer, Ty Warner wanted to make a doll that was affordable for kids on an allowance!

6. Less Stuffing Was Used To Make Them Different


If you ever noticed that Beanie Babies had less stuffing than many of theircompetitors, it was actually done on purpose to make them stand out more and clearly, it worked!

7. There Were Two Forms Of I.D. For Every Doll


Beanie Babies were identified in two ways: their swing tag, which wasthe heart-shaped marker complete with a name and often a poem, and also their tush tag, which wasusually found at the rear end of the doll.

8. Cardboard Hearts Made The Dolls Twice As Valuable


If one of the heart tags was ripped off, the plushinstantly lost half it’s value. This was partially due to counterfeit Beanie Babies being produced, so the tags made the buyer know it was the real deal.

9. Ty Was The Very First Billion-Dollar Plush Company


Not only did Beanie Babies make Ty the first company of its kind to earnbillions of dollars, but it also made founder Ty Warner one of the richest people in the world at the time, according to Fortune.

10. Teenie Babies Were Created Exclusively For McDonald’s


The miniature Beanie Babies were sold alongside Happy Meals as a promotion offered by the popular fast food chain, who gotin on the action while the plush dolls were all the rage.

11. A Monthly Magazine Was Dedicated To Beanie Babies


Known as Mary Beth’s Bean Bag World,this publication was a monthly magazine filled with feature articles, price listings, and similar products to Beanie Babies while the craze was going on.

12. One Was Sold For More Than $3,000


This hefty dollar amountthat someone actually handed over was forPeanut, the royal blue elephant, according to Reference.com. Peanutwas sold back in 2000 for more than $3,000, partially due to the fact that theplush doll was supposed to be baby blue therefore making the royal blue ones that much more valuable.

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