20 Positive Affirmations You Need To Repeat So You Can Thrive InLife


1. I have what it takes to live the life of my dreams and get the job Ive always wanted.

2. I am going to love myself the way I am while I work on my flaws.

3. I love my body and my looks even if they’re not perfect and I will not let anyone make me feel insecure about them.

4. Im trusting God that my journey may not be perfect but its exactly what I need to grow as a person.

5. Im going to use my voice and speak up even if thatvoice will not win me a lot of friends.

6. Im worthy of love and I deserve the love that Ive been looking for and the love that Im willing to give.

7. Rejections are not going to stop me from believing in myself, they will make me fight for myself even harder.

8. My loneliness is here to teach me something; to enjoy my own company and to love myself.

9. I choose to find hope in hopeless situations and light in the darkest moments.

10. My battles are here to make me stronger. My battles teach me how to survive.

11. I trust my decisions, even the wrong ones, they will lead me to the right place.

12. Theres nothing thats beyond my reach. I can become whoever I want to be.

13. I am loved by beautiful people who will always be there for me when I need them.

14. Even if I get lost, I know Im capable of guiding myself to find my way back home.

15. Im going to choose happiness because I deserve to be happy.

16. I am strong and I can make it throughanother rough day.

17. Age doesnt terrify me. Im going to embrace all the stages of my life.

18.Good things end for better things to begin.

19. I am not going to be defined by my heartbreak or my mistakes.

20.I am blessed and I am going to live my best life because I can, because I will.

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