30 Downright Insane Idiots That Should Be Banned From Facebook Permanently


The morons that follow in this list should NEVER be allowed to spread their sheer stupidity and insane ideas across social media. They should be banned for life.

  • 1

    Hey, it worked for Steve Jobs. Right?

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  • 2

    When you REALLY don’t like your neighbors…

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  • 3

    This lady tried to cremate her pet in an oven…

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    Via Krzyszu

  • 4

    There’s literally one in your hand…

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    Via smosh

  • 5

    “I was engaged to a 7 year old on 9/11”

  • 6

    Thanks for the update.

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    Via FAIL Blog

  • 7

    You sure did dude…

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    Via izismile

  • 8

    Her horse weighs as much as an elephant?

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  • 9

    Stop letting this woman buy cats…

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  • 10

    Yeah, looks great.

  • 11

    Church lady needs an IMMACULATE transportation miracle…

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  • 12

    Better watch out ladies…

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  • 13

    HE DID IT!

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    Via katiecski

  • 14

    The HR department must be internally screaming…

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    Via izismile

  • 15

    Flat earth > family

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  • 16

    “Straight from the tap.”

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    Via piximus

  • 17


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    Via whacafan

  • 18


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    Via kickvick

  • 19

    That totally happened.

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    Via dearzoez

  • 20

    How dare innocent people walk across the street…

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    Ok this is Twitter. Whatever.

  • 21

    This guy who was concerned for his health…

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    DHMO (Dihydrogen Monoxide) = H20

  • 22


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  • 23

    Wait. What?

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    Via flamandss

  • 24

    Someone needs to check on this edgelord

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  • 25

    WHAT. THE. F*CK.

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    Via Krzyszu

    That’s enough internet for the day.

  • 26

    This mom sharing a post encouraging rape…

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  • 27

    There sure are Ben. There sure are.

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  • 28

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  • 29

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    Via WestBrink

  • 30

    That’s an… Interesting choice.

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    Via Teencie

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