9 Things You Never Knew About The World Famous Rockefeller Tree


Each year, Americans from across the country tune in to watch the iconic tree in Rockefeller Center light up in celebration of the holidays shining brighter than your average Christmas tree around,just likethese beautifulones from around the globe!

But behind the glamour and glitzof the massive decoration is months on months of hard work and dedication, and an incredible history made up of over 80 years.

So there’s bound to be a lot that you’ve never heard about New York City’s well-known holiday ritual and that’s where we come in!

From the very first spruceto the massive monumentit’s turned into today, here are 9 interesting facts about the Rockefeller tree that may come as a surprise.

And with the annual lighting ceremony being a tradition for many, you’ll be able to see things in a totally new light.

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1. The First Tree Was Not All That Big


In 1931, the nation was smack in the middle of the Great Depression, but a group of construction workers didnt let that crush their holiday spirit. They raised a 20-foot tree on the muddy site a tiny height compared to this years 94-foot Norway Spruce that is now known as Rockefeller Center, according to TIME.

2. And The Decorations Were Much Different


The first tree was adorned with tin cans and scrap paper much different than the twinkling glass lights and crystals that you see sparkling on the iconic holiday symbol today. It took another three years to addlights and animal-shaped ornaments on the tree!

3. It Has Been Recycled For Over 40 Years


As the country became more environmentally aware, the Center decided to start salvaging its Christmas trees back in 1971 long before many of us thought about doing the same with our own. The very first recycled Rockefeller tree amounted to 30 three-bushel bags of mulch, and today, the trees are milled into lumber for building new homes.

4. There Once Was A Non-Green Tree


Yep, it happened. Back in 1949, the Center decided they wanted to paint the tree silver. Since snow happened to be nonexistent in the city that year, they tried to create it themselves. Lets just say it has been green ever since.

5. The Lights Are Partially Solar-Powered


From a birds-eye view of Rockefeller Center, youll see hundreds of solar panels on top of the building. So if the entire city of Manhattan loses its power, the tree will still keep shining.

6. A Photogenic Tree Is Key


When picking the citys largest holiday decoration, the Rockefeller Centers head gardener, Erik Pauze, is looking for a tree that has no bad side when it comes to being photographed. Pauze told amNewYork: Im looking for a perfect tree thats going to look great in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Its constantly on TV on the Today show, and the NBC special, so its got to look good.

7. You Can Nominate Your Own Tree


While being in charge of picking the annual tree can be a rigorous job, it can be made easier if someone actually nominates their tree for the year and a good one at that. This is what happened with last years tree whena resident from Gardiner, New York volunteered his tree as tribute.

8. Helicopters Are Used To Scan The Landscape


Since there is so much emphasis on finding a tree with no bad angles, a helicopter is now used to search New England for the ideal tree from above most years, a Norway Spruce.

9. The Star On Top Truly Sparkles


The Rockefeller tree was first topped by the star made by Swarovski in 2004, weighing in at 550 pounds and featuring 25,000 crystals. The spotlight stealer is lifted by a crane and shines brightly until the tree gets taken down in January.

Do you knowany other lesser-known facts about the famous tree that we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to SHARE with your family and friends!

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