9 Things You Should Absolutely Avoid Doing When Youre Angry


Anger is a very common human emotion. It stems from frustration, people we don’t get along with, work, relationships… just about anything, anywhere.

With anger lurking around every corner, you’d think there might be an easy solution to control it by now. Sure, there are tons of simple exercises to try out, like breathing deeply or going for a stroll.

But, no matter how many waysyou try to calm yourself, there are a few things you have to avoid before those emotion-soothing methods kick in, or the anger dissipates on its own.

You can make matters much worse and your life much more difficult if you do any of these ninethings while you’re still fuming from a really heated argument or a late email from your boss.

Have you ever done any of these things while you’re angry? Did you regret it later, once you were in a clear state of mind again?

Let us know if we forgot anything in the comments and

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1. Drive


Never, ever drive while angry. It will put you and fellow drivers in danger, as your judgement and attention is compromised.

2. Go To Sleep


Studies have shown that sleep enhancesmemories, so if you go to sleep while angry, those memories could be intensified by the time you wake up.

3. Cook


If you have to use a lot of sharp knives or graters to make the meal you want, stay away from the kitchen. If you know that you’re the type of person who calms down with cooking, just take a couple deep breaths before picking up the sharp tools.

4. Vent To A Friend


Venting may seem like a good idea, but it may actually make you even angrier. Give yourself a few minutes to try and focus on other topics and calm down a bit before logically talking through your qualm with another person.

5. Walk Down Memory Lane


When you ruminate over things people have said and done to you in the past, it only makes matters worse. It’s so much better to let go, or at least try to direct your attention somewhere else that wont reignite the anger.

6. Reach For A Vice


When angry, we’re more likely to go for the unhealthier foods or other vices, like cigarettes or alcohol. Our bodies are also triggered to enter fight or flight mode, so your digestive system isn’t as efficient as it usually is, and you may run into some unpleasant digestive issues in a few hours.

7. Hop On Facebook


This is the worst time to post to Facebook. Your online presence is important to your career and your personal life, and you wouldn’t want to sully that reputation with one short-tempered post.

8. Make An Important Decision


Have you been thinking about the possibility of, say, ending your relationship, or changing your current living situation? Maybe even quitting your job? Don’t make the final choice on any of these big life moments until your bout of anger is long gone. You wouldn’t want to regret this hasty decision later.

9. Send An Email


This may seem like the same thing as staying away from Facebook, but sending an email is permanent. Same goes for making a call or sending a text. Make sure you have a clear head when sending messages like this when you can’t take them back.

Do you do any of these things when you’re angry? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments and

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