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Supplemental Insurance while on maternity leave?

I am due in April and would like to know if anyone has taken out any supplemental disability insurance to help with living expenses while on maternity leave. My boyfriend and I have agreed for me to take off the whole summer and possibly the first year. This is his first child and doesn't want our baby going directly into daycare. My boyfriend is self employed and tells me not to worry but I was wondering if pregnancy would be considered a pre-existing condition and would not be covered under an Aflac type plan.
The company I work for does not offer any supplemental disability insurance so that's not an option for me.
Also, if there is any supplemental health insurance since my current health insurance only cover 70% of the delivery.

FYI – I just got off the phone with an Aflac rep. And it will not cover my pregnancy because it IS a pre-existing condition. So, women, go out and get supplemental insurance BEFORE you become pregnant. You'll get a lot of $$ for being off work.

Posted by kostlover32
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I am getting some supplemental help through Aflac. However, Aflac policies work in my favor because I live in Iowa. Their policies differ from state to state depending upon state laws. In Iowa, I am fortunate that they screwed up by listing Pregnancy as an illness/sickness, so Aflac will include me in their illness/sickness and hospital policies. To make a long story short, I will recieve money as an individual and my baby will recieve money as an individual (all lumped into one check) for however many days I am in the hospital, money for a vaginal or c-sec delivery, money for up to 8 doctors visits through the year, plus for some other things I can't think of off the top of my head right now.

I end up with about $2500 if my baby comes on or after his due date, which will probably keep me afloat for 2 months out of work.

Check with your nearest Aflac office.

Working for Aflac. Good or bad decision?

While at a Job expo for my school, I came across an Aflac representative. I gave him my resume and was scheduled to attend a seminar

I just got out of the seminar, and I have mixed feelings about the company.

On one hand, the amount of money even a part-timer could make is not bad. It would certainly help me out in saving money for Grad school. I also like how one can, pretty much, make their own schedule.

On the other hand, the pay is all commission and selling insurance is an aggressive business. If you don't make sales, then you don't make money. I've also heard that, allegedly, you have to pay for your own laptop and cubicle space in the company. If that is true, I don't know if that would apply to field agents.

I've been scheduled for an interview next week; to see if working for the company would be of any advantage to me. I currently work in retail, and have been job hunting for months. So far, this has been the only company that has even contacted me. I realize that insurance companies have high turnover rates, and that the market is fairly saturated, but if it can help me out with paying for Grad school (as well as financially in general), then it could be a chance worth taking.


Posted by Chris
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AFLAC is a good and reputable company with a good product, but IT IS NOT INSURANCE!

What AFLAC does is "pay you to be sick". AFLAC DOES NOT pay your medical costs or doctor bills or repair your car after an accident or fix the roof on your house — your company's Employer Provided Insurance (or your own private health insurance) or your Auto Policy or Homeowners' Policy does this.

Now, if your company offers "sick days" or allows you to take vacation days when you are sick, there is usually no problem. But if you have an illness or accident that might hospitalize you or require bed rest for more than about two weeks, your sick time and vacation days may run out.

If you have no sick days or vacation, then you will MISS WORK WITH NO PAY. Now, your employer can't do much about you missing work if you are really and truly sick. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can cover that for you, and help you retain a job when you heal, but under FMLA you have to use ALL of your sick days, personal leave days, and vacation days FIRST, and after those are gone you WILL NOT get paid. FMLA will guarantee that >A< job is waiting for you when you heal, but it may not be the SAME job you had when you left. In other words, because of FMLA they cannot fire you for being sick, but they do not have to give you your old job back. AND . . . You'll need a note from your doctor.

[In order to take full advantage of FMLA, talk to your employers HR department the very day that you know you are or are going to be sick for more than a week, like having surgery, or as soon as possible after having a serious accident.]

AFLAC pays you for those days that you are off without pay. In fact, AFLAC pays you from the First Day that you are sick, even if you have vacation or sick days available. AFLAC does not pay your full paycheck, but enough that you can squeak by until you heal and can get back to work.

Unfortunately, most people don't realize how this works until they DO get seriously sick or injured, so selling AFLAC can be a problem — people don't want it because they don't think they need it. Maybe the younger workers in the bunch, those under age 40, might not, but as you get older and more prone to illness and injury, AFLAC offers a very good alternative to staying home without pay!

As an AFLAC Salesman, you are pretty much an "independent contractor". AFLAC does NOT pay you a salary, and I'm not sure if you are actually considered an AFLAC employee, so if you work WITH (not for) AFL:AC you won't get many benefits, like health insurance or sick days or vacation time. But again, since you set your own schedule and make your own appointments, you can be sick or take a day off whenever you want to — no one gets hurt but you.

Again, AFLAC IS NOT INSURANCE, but the product they offer IS a good solid product, so long as you understand its features and limitations.

Suggestion for you:
Look up all the small companies ( 100 employees or less) located in your area, and find out who handles their Human Resources, Payroll, or Benefits Administration. Make your contact with that person! Sell them on the idea of adding AFLAC to their Employee Benefits Package.

Note that IT COSTS THE EMPLOYER NOTHING to add AFLAC to their benefits package. By talking to ONE OR TWO people, you can get AFLAC "sold" to 10, 15, or more employees all at one time! By convincing the HR or Benefits Administrator that AFLAC is good for the employees, they will sell it for you, and YOU get the commissions!

Note: I AM an AFLAC user, but I AM NOT an AFLAC Salesman.

My sales rep, and the one at my wife's company (two different people) work from home. AFLAC does not provide them any office space, and federal laws puts some pretty stiff limits on claimng Home Office Space on your income tax. The job you might be offered may be a different job classification, however.

Yes, they DO have to buy their own laptop.

I own a small business, what are my options in California for affordable health insurance?

What I'd really like to know is, if there are some of you out there who own their own business, how much are you paying monthly for health insurance? I need to cover my wife and 2 kids and not having insurance doesn't seem to be working. Is AFLAC good?

Posted by R4NDR01D
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Aflac is indeed a summplement insurance plan..
What I currently have is AmeriPlan USA… I started off with one of their plans… Liked it used it.. And then found out I could tell others about it and get a commission off of it as well! So I thought why not!.. So you can check them out at They have been around for 16 years..and are a discount for a service health benefits company.. So it's not like normal insurance where you wait forever.. And only have limited visits where you pay 50 dollars a time. You can use it as much as you like, as often as you like or as little as you like. The price is right.. Just a dental plan is $19.95 a month, Basic health is 30 per month per household..and total health is 40 a month per household..and that includes medical dental, vision, prescription drugs, chiropractic, lab work, braces… Everything health related. Even cosmetic surgery you get discounts on!

I have 2 kids under two.. And they get ear infections about once a month. So what I do is..every time they go to the doctor..with ameriplan they give you 40-60% off the visit.. Then you get 25-50% off the prescriptions.. And one visit is less than the normal monthly ins. Premium for a family of 4.
You can also go to any hospital of your choice..and anything over $2500, ameriplan has a advocate work with the hospital and gets that bill lowered for you as much as possible.. (usually over 50% off).. And then you can pay off that bill interest free over the next 1-4 years.. (that's what I did when I had a baby 6 months ago…)
So if this interest you.. Please visit the site.. And my contact info is under the contact section.. I'd be happy to talk to you further about the coverage and how the discounts work.. Anytime between 8 a.m. And 8 p.m. Central time.. Of course.. Cause my babies need sleep!

I sure hope this helps.. My family is in the same husband doesn't get coverage through his employer.

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