Cranberry Simple Syrup: Rachel Rays Amazing Recipe For A Festive Thanksgiving Drink


Thanksgiving is just three short weeks away.

Even though the stores are already putting out snowmen and candy canes, we’re not ready to skip right over this festive and wonderful holiday in all of its glory.

In fact, don’t tell Christmas and Halloween, but Turkey Day might just be our favorite of all the holidays it’s hard to beat the winning combination of family, football, and food!

We love every moment of it, from carving up the bird, to noshing on Leftover Biscuit Bombs for the next week or two.

Still, there is one part of the Thanksgiving experience that we think is distinctly under-appreciated the drinks!

In fact, we think that it’s a great opportunity to try out a few adventurous cocktails and mocktails for the whole family.

In particular, we’re huge fans of using a basic simple syrup made out of Thanksgivings favorite fruit, the cranberry.

Simple syrup is, well, darn “simple” to make; all you need is 2 cups of fresh cranberries, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of ordinary granulated sugar.

Best of all, it canserve as a base for a huge range of drinks from Cranberry Margaritas, to sparkling Cran-Apple drinks for the kids.

Scroll through below to watch how John from Rachael Ray makes his signature Cranberry Simple Syrup for the holidays.

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