Doctors Say One Simple Cut Can Keep All Your Band-Aids From Slipping Off


Everyone in the world gets cuts. Whether it’s from a knife in the kitchen, a piece of paper in the office, or a bad fall on pavement, you’re bound to need some bandages every few months, weeks, or even days,depending on your klutziness.

So we all know the problems that we come across with those bandages! Whether they say they’re waterproof and they’re not, they never come in the right size, or they just simply slip off or move around they can become a nuisance.

But the health experts onThe Doctorsarehere to show us a simple and useful life hack that everyone shouldtry!

All you need is a Band-Aid, scissors, and strategic placement of the sticky sides!

You cut a slit into each side, then bend the bottom portions overlapping diagonally and the top portions straight across, making the bandagemore secure and flexible.

It seems like such a simple fix, but for most of us, we don’t think to experiment withthe products we buy at our local drugstores.

Thankfully, now we know! Next time you have a cut in an awkward spot on your finger and your bandage keeps falling off, just come back to this video and you’ll remember that a perfect fit is just seconds away!

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