Ellens Biggest Fan Writes To Ask For Tickets, But The Host Sends Receptionist To Her House


After years of incredible kind acts, it is pretty safe to say that Ellen DeGeneres is the world’s greatest TV host.

Ellen is one of those celebrities you only ever hear good news about. She is always doing something to help someone else.

It’s like it’s her life’s mission to make everyone she comes in contact with smile! She’s doing a great job so far.

Many fans of Ellen write to her, and on a recent episode of her show, Ellen decided to read a letter out loud and do something about it.

Catherine Guy claims to be Ellen’s “biggest fan” and wrote to tell her how she and her mom love her! She also wanted Ellen to know how she was inspired to start the group Retrieving Hearts.

The group, made up of 10 therapy dogs, goes to visit sick children and the elderlyon a weekly basis. She loves to give back and really wanted to give back to her mom, after her mom had a tough year.

In the video below, Ellen sends Jeannie the woman who too was once Ellen’s biggest fan before beinghired as a receptionist 10 years ago to Catherine’s house. Ellen calls Catherine and talks to her about dog food while Jeannie sneaksup to her house.

You can see the incredible surprise in the video below. You’ll agree Ellen is just the sweetest person alive!

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Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/ellens-surprise-catherine/

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