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Health insurance deductible?

Okay, so I don't fully understand how insurance works and I can't seem to get an answer to my question. My health insurance deductible, do I get it back? As in after exhausting it through appointments/hospital visits/ect. Do my monthly payments go back towards that? Is it gone for good? I haven't even been able to get someone from the company on the phone to answer me!! Please help. Thank you!

Posted by Heidi
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Your health insurance deductible is exactly like your car insurance deductible:
Let's say you health insurance costs $150 per month with a $2000 deductible.

You pay the $150 per month to keep the insurance.
You pay the first $2000 in medical bills each year = your deductible
Then insurance covers their portion after $2000

If you go to an in-network doctor, the insurance company has set prices with these doctors. Even before you have paid your $2000, you will get the set price (discount) for your medical treatment. So you would pay the first $2000, but that might have actually cost you $3250 had you not had insurance.

Cheap, effective health insurance?

I'm a 25 year old, healthy, unmarried female looking for a low co pay health insurance that covers major medical and dental. I need to be able to see my primary physician for annual checkups and hopefully get Invisalign covered under dental as well. I have no pre existing conditions and would prefer a lower deductible… Somewhere up to $5000 in the event a major medical issue arose.

Posted by Danielle
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Health insurance and dental insurance are two different policies.

Getting health insurance for annual checkups is not cost effective; you'll be paying more in premium, especially if you have a low copay, than you'd pay the doctor if you didn't have insurance. Health insurance is for the big stuff that can cost thousands of dollars, not the little stuff that cost $200.

Dental insurance seldom covers braces in adults and those that do will have a waiting period of at least 12 months before coverage is in effect. Also, even if you can find dental insurance that will cover braces for a 25 year old it probably won't cover invisalign.

You need to speak with an agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can take the time to explain everything to you and can find the best plans for your situation and budget. There is no charge using an agent.

I have a question about health insurance?

If a contact is lost will health insurance get you another pair.

Posted by Lela Brown
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Health insurance doesn't pay for contacts. Vision insurance pays for contacts.

If you have vision insurance there will be a maximum number of contact they'll get for you. This maximum is usually one per year. If you've gotten the maximum they won't get you anymore. If you have not gotten the maximum they will get you a new pair.

Some health insurance policies ≡do≡ give you discounts on vision. In this case you can purchase as many pairs as you want at that discounted price.

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