Katy Perry Says Goodnight To Audience, Then A Little Boy Surprises Her With A Gift On Stage


Any and every hospital is, unfortunately, full of men, women, and children who need help.

No matter what their medical issues are, there is never enough help or care to get them back to health, or at least make the rest of their time in the hospital as comfortable as possible.

Which is exactly why it’s so important for people and companies to raise money and help support or fund these hospitals around the world. And some are more successful than others, but all are worth it.

Which is why The Children’s Hosptial of Los Angeles’ held a Once Upon a Time Gala, to help raise money for their medical care and research.

They ended up raising $4 million, and their star-studdedevent had much more than celebrities in attendance. They had children and patients too!

After Katy Perry said her peace and went to leave the stage, she was surprised with an adorable little boy who wanted to give her flowers.

Though the video below is short, this amazing hospital and it’s influential and successful gala, has so many beautiful moments worth mentioning.

And this moment when Katy Perry responds to her gift with sign language, “I love you,” everyone melted.

Don’t youlove Katy Perryand all of the celebrities that do so much good for the people and children who really need it?

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