McDonalds Will Deliver To Your Drunk Ass In 2017


Attention lazy betches: Starting in January 2017, McDonald’s will no longer make you pull your hungover self out of bed to go purchase its magical fried goodness. For people in participating areas, McDonalds will begin delivering its addictive fries, delicious McFlurry’s and hangover-killing cheeseburgers to you. And you don’t even have to get off of the couch.

It’s a fucking Chrismukkah miracle.

I mean, what a time to be alive. The ability to eat heart attack-inducing food without leaving the comfort of my own home (sans pants) is honestly the best thing that has happened in 2016. This magical news is brought to you courtesy of a partnership between UberEATS and McDonald’s and will start in a few select Florida cities before (god willing) expanding nationwide. And for those of you who have ordered from UberEATS before, you must know that the most appealing aspect of this incredible food delivery system is the ability to track your driver and order as they approach with the mouthwatering bounty of the golden arches.

Hey, Florida. We’re really going to need you to not fuck this thing up for the rest of us. Tall task for the state that brought us bath salts, but it’s the season of giving.

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