Mom Feels Like 100 Pounds Are Lifted Off Her Chest After Doctors Discover Gauze Swab Inside Her


Getting a medical procedure done is always risky business. There are so many complications that can occur before, during, and even after an operation. So it’s always a patient’s hope that the attending doctor is knowledgeable and experienced. Putting your health and well-being into the hands of another person, while acknowledging the possibility of human error, takes a lot of trust and courage.

One would hope that he or she would emerge from surgery or a major procedure healthier, and not evensick.

Unfortunately, a Canadian woman named Marilynne Toole didn’t feel this way after undergoing bladder surgery.

For 75 days, she was in pain. Many people dismissed it as a side effect of her operation, but the mother knew there was something else going on.

She saw another doctor, who revealed the shocking truth about the source of her pain: Her surgeon had accidentally left medical tools inside her body!

A large piece of a gauze swab was removed. Toole was so relieved that she wasn’t imagining her pain that she says it felt like 100 pounds had been lifted from her chest!

She and her husband have forgiven the surgeon and the hospital responsible for the mishap, but they’re learning that this kind of accident isn’t uncommon at all. In fact, many people have responded to her story with their own similar experiences.

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