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Obamacare Health care insurance.?

I know we all need health care. But, what if we don't have enough money to buy health care insurance. Is there any other way I could get free health care insurance. Could someone help me with any other resources?

Posted by Jessica Ruiz
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Obamacare is a law, that says, go buy your own insurance.

The way to get free "insurance", is to qualify for medicaid – health coverage welfare for poor people.

Obama and the democrats have decided that THEY will be the ones to decide if you're too poor to buy health insurance or not – and if you make too much money for welfare coverage, then they have decided you CAN buy your own health insurance.

How Many Employees Will Be Loosing Their Company Health Insurance As A Result Of ObamaCare?

I understand that many companies are electing to drop health insurance as a benefit to employees and opting to pay the fines instead. The companies will save millions and millions of dollars, rather than face skyrocketing premiums of an unknown amount.

Does anyone know which large companies are investigating dropping health insurance as a benefit and how many millions are expected to loose their health insurance as a result of ObamaCare?

Posted by Cargo Pilot II
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This is exactly what the liberals want. You can see private health insurance rates already going up AND any amount that your employer contributes to your health insurance will be counted as income to you and you will pay taxes on it. This will drive people out of private insurance right into Government health care and ultimately a one payer system. This is what obama wants, he has said so and never retracted that statement.

How Will Obamacare affect Health Insurance premiums?

I am 35 and have applied for health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. I have GERD and Anxiety. I believe Blue Cross Blue Shield will try to deny me coverage for those since I already have them. I am thinking of waiting until 2014 so that they won't be able to.

But I'm curious. How will Obamacare affect the insurance premiums? If I wait that long will the premiums go up or down?

Posted by James
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You dont wait until 2014. You can buy a policy from the online insurance exchange later this year. You can get your tax credit subsidy next year when you file your tax return. I dont know what the rates will be. It depends on which company, what benefits you have, I would guess. If Obamacare costs are higher than originally projected, they could conceivably reduce the amount of the subsidy or lower the income level to qualify for it. All I know is as of now you will be able to choose a basic plan within your own budget.

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