Obese Mans Mom And Best Friend Die, So He Slashes Calories Until He Drops 185 Pounds


The many of us who have tried to lose weight whether it’s five, 10, 15, or even 100 pounds know that it’s no easy feat. If we succeed, we know it’sbecause of our discipline, perseverance, and search for self-love and acceptance.

Those who strive for extreme weight loss knowthey have a long road ahead of them, but if they reach their goal, the reward is great.

Sometimes, all it takes is one life-changing event to convince one to turn his or her life around by ditching excessive junk food, exercising, and practicing mindful eating.

For 53-year-old John Di Benedetto, it took losing both his mother and his best friend in a very short period to get him to make a major change.

The “food-loving Italian” ate about 3,500 calories a day, but didn’t care what he looked like before the two loved ones succumbed because of similar habits.

Di Benedetto slashed his caloric intake, and he dropped a total of 185 pounds. He loves biking, and still treats himself to a cupcake and a glass of wine every now and then.

In this new lifestyle, there’s still room for a little treat here and there!

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