Professional Dog-Groomer Hits Back At Claims She’s Embarrassing Her Dog


We all know that people love to take their pups to the groomers. They come back looking relaxed, adorable and ready for anything. Groomers are told how to style dogs and you trust them. You trust them to be patient and attentive to your best friend. They are trained professionals. So when owner and dog-groomer got accused of “embarrassing” her dog by the Kennel Club, she hit back.

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    Vikki Pearman, 41, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire is a professional dog groomer who regularly spray-paints her pooch. Recently Kennel Club had made claims that painting pets funny colors could leave them feeling like an ‘accessory’. However, Pearman begs to differ. Claiming that animals love all the attention. The proud owner of four dogs – including white standard poodle Lacie. Lacie is regularly entered in creative dog grooming competitions. This are mainly popular in the US, but was new to the UK. Lacie and owner Vikki have won an exciting six times.

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    ?Vikki, who teaches dog-styling to other pup owners and has been a professional dog groomer for  more than ten years, even has her own grooming book ‘Creative Styling from Beginner to Winner’. More surprisingly, this is the only dog grooming book in all the UK. In her ten years of experience in the grooming world she’s stated, ‘In that time, I’ve very successfully competed in creative grooming competitions, earning the title ‘Creative Stylist of the Year’ […] I love it. It’s great fun, there is a real community among creative groomers.”

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    ?Vikki took a stand when Kennel Club went after her saying that her dogs will feel embarrassed. She said, “And, as for dogs feeling embarrassed – it’s rubbish. If Lacie experiences any emotion when she’s dressed up, then it’s sheer joy.”

    Vikki, runs the grooming salon Pedigrees ‘n’ Pooches, in Hatfield, first started showing Lacie in competitions a decade ago. Since then, she has entered the proud poodle in 13 competitions, becoming increasingly adventurous with her designs and even incorporating props! She spends hours on hours preparing Lacie with painting and pruning to look amazing. She even dresses identically so they match. It might seem like a lot for a dog to handle but Vikki swears that Lacie’s full appearance

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    Ahead of a competition, she spends days planning on the painting and pruning for Lacie, so she looks tip-top – even dressing identically, so they match. But Vikki swears Lacie’s outlandish appearance takes no longer to achieve than normal dog grooming. 

    But Vikki also knows the boundaries, ‘Of course, there are times when I would not use color on a dog, for example, if they had any health or skin conditions […] ‘Also a dog has to be mentally stable and needs to love attention. But education is the key.’

    She also emphasizes that ‘All products used are safe for pets, as they are specially made for them, with no harmful chemicals. They can either be a temporary wash out color, or there are longer lasting products that fade, but have to grow out. They still don’t damage the coat in any way.’

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    However, the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs, has claimed creative grooming can hurt an animal’s feelings. Oh oh! Vikki, as a dog lover herself, completely dismissed what the Club has said as “utter nonsense”. She said: ‘Creative dog grooming is not for everyone and I happily respect that, but dogs don’t see color like we do. They don’t feel embarrassed…these are human emotions[…]’My girl only knows that she gets lots of attention and fuss, which she loves, and I take her everywhere with me – including on nursing home visits, to dog shows and I even took her to a zoo once.”

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    Bill Lambert, Kennel Club Health and Breeder Services Manager said: ‘Anyone who owns a pet needs to remember that it is a living thing and not a toy to be dressed up or dyed different colors, purely to please its owner […] If extreme grooming begins to become more normalized then there is a risk that animals will start being seen as accessories, which is concerning, because their welfare could be jeopardized […] Pampering should only ever go as far as keeping your pet happy and in good condition. 

    Kennel Club does make a point on the importance of making sure the dogs well-being is placed first, yet Vikki is a trained professional in the grooming industry…hmm

     What do you guys think?

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