Rare Pig Gives Birth, Then Piglets Adorable First Steps Are Caught On Camera


The Babirusa is a deep brown species of pig, native to Indonesia. A long way from their home land, lived a few English Babirusa pigs.

TheChester Zoo inhabitants grew into a familyone day, when a female Babirusa gave birth to a happy baby boy.

What makes this birth special wasn’t the health status of the piglet, but the scarcity of the species itself. The Babirusa is considered to be one of the rarest pig species in the entire world.

In fact, there are approximately only 5,000 Babirusas remaining. Because of the low number of pigs belonging to that specific species, animal experts explained, “Very few people have ever witnessed a Babirusa pig give birth.”

That definitely made this piglet’s journey into the world quite a special one.

The little piglet’s first moments following his birth were recorded on camera, making the eventeven more meaningful.

The newborn pig nursed with his mother, enjoyed some warm cuddles, and even got to his feet, takinghis first steps. This was a sight that only a fortunate few would ever have the opportunity to see.

Once he got the hang of the whole walking thing, he struttedaround his habitat as if he owned it. The tiny explorer didn’t want to waste a second as hebecome more and more familiar with his surroundings.

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