Sick Grandma Cant Afford Her Medication And Breaks Down In Tears, Then A Stranger Steps In


The price of health insurance and prescription medications has become a hot button issue in today’s society. The following clip from What Would You Do? puts kindness to the test in the face of rising healthcare costs.

Watch how strangers react when anelderlywoman at the pharmacy can’t affordher $140 diabetes medication. Helpless and scared, the woman is caught off-guard at the pharmacist’s counter by the price and begs for a deal on her life-saving meds.

The womaneven breaks down crying while other customer’s sit in the waiting room, listening to her every word.

But what these other customers don’t know is that the grandmother and pharmacist are both actors, and that everything is being recorded onhidden camera.

Will people step into help her… or will they ignore her and go about their day? Watch the video below to find out. I think you’ll be surprised by the results.

Due to restrictions, this video cannot
be viewed in your region.

Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/sick-grandma-wwyd/

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