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State farm health insurance?

Does it cover meniscal surgery? Not sure about what kind of surgery it could be but which ones does it support.


Posted by Praveer V
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I'm assuming you mean miniscule (minute, small, minor) surgery.

If it's a major medical policy, and the doctor recommends surgery, it should pay; minus your deductible and copay.

If it's a defined benefit policy, there will be a schedule in the policy showing the types of surgery it covers, and how much the policy will pay on each one.

If this a pre-existing condition, there may be some exclusions.

Check with your State Farm agent to make sure.

Health insurance cards?

I need the template for a state farm health insurance card or the information, thanks
We need to create an insurance like card for a patient for a project.

Posted by *
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State Farm doesn't sell health insurance.

So pull out your OWN insurance card and use that.

Does anyone work for State Farm Insurance?

And if so, how hard is the test you have to pass to get licensed?
I hate studying and tests ;(

Posted by CMG
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I work for a State Farm Agent. Which test are you talking about though? Life & Health, Property & Casualty….depending on what you will do in the office, there may be more. You have to study – there is no way to pass without studying. In PA, they offer "crash courses" where you go and listen to them lecture for 2 days – no books – and then take your test a few days later. They supposedly have like a 95% success rate.

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