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Clever Dog Shops For His Own Treats

RM Videos uploaded this clip of a clever dog who knows his shopping. Lots of parents sure wish that their children would behave that way in the supermarket… Read more:

Unicorn Easter eggs are here and the world is a magical place

A simple, good ol’ fashioned hollow chocolate egg just won’t cut it anymore at Easter. No, if you really want to treat your loved ones, then you’ll need to up your ...

Who Is Taking Me To These Countries?

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Girl Scout cookie doughnuts will surely earn the most delicious merit badge

I see your cookie and raise you a donut. If you managed to make it through the doldrums of February without any Girl Scout cookies, bravo. And simultaneously, “awww…sad.” Don’t ...

7 ways to keep your cooking resolution this year

Cooking doesn’t have to be a dirty 7 letter word.Image: Flickr/brian Learning to cook is at the top of many New Year’s resolution lists. And it’s easy enough to grab ...

Animal Rights Win! Boston Market Has Just Announced That It Has No Idea Where Its Rotisserie Chickens Come From

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Our Country Has Become Worryingly Desensitized To Violence In Hot-Sauce Names

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Changing Strategies: Golden Grahams Is Rebranding Itself As A Cereal Exclusively For People Who Are Grieving

In the crowded breakfast foods industry, companies are constantly scrambling to find exciting and innovative ways to attract consumers to their products. This is especially true for ...

Real Or Fake? This Man Eats A Taco Without Tilting His Head

Whoa. Real or fake? Read more:

Want $500 to review some fried chicken? There’s an app for that

Get paid to eat fried chicken.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images There’s little wonder fried chicken is such a popular last meal request for condemned prisoners. It’s ...

6 vegetarian ways to make your Thanksgiving shine

Giving thanks for these delicious vegetarian dishes.Image: FACEBOOK Thanksgiving, for all its stuffing and creamed corn, generally relegates vegetables to the side dishes. After all, ...

Behold the decadent new McDonald’s ‘Nutella burger’

If you really, really, really love Nutella, listen up: Fly to Italy, head to a McDonald’s and chow down on a Nutella burger. The “Sweety con Nutella,” which was announced ...
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