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Nutritional Shake-Up: The FDA Now Recommends That Americans Eat A Bowl Of 200 Eggs On Their 30th Birthday And Then Never Eat Any Eggs Again

If you’re at all concerned about maintaining a healthy diet, there’s a new update you definitely need to hear! The Food and Drug Administration has just released a new ...

You Lied Your Way Into A Job As A Surgeon! Can You Avoid Killing Anyone Long Enough To Collect Your First Paycheck?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Sounds sweet. You have already gone through the arduous process of becoming a surgeon. After calling the hospital ...

The Doctors Told Her That Her Husband Would Never Walk Again. Then The Conversation Lightened Up A Bit And They Told Her About A Great New Bagel Place.

When Emma Schreiber arrived at Roxborough Memorial Hospital last week, she was absolutely heartbroken. Her husband, Michael, had just been in a gruesome motorcycle accident, and after ...

Its Your First Day At A New High School. Can You Become Popular?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Take a deep breath and march boldly through the front door. Go lie down on the grass instead. Wow, school. The place ...

You Are The United Nations Secretary-General! Can You Use The Bathroom For 5 Freaking Minutes Without World War III Breaking Out?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Would World War III be bad? Okay. No, it would be very bad. Every human would die, and the Earth would become ...

Who Is Taking Me To These Countries?

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I Keep My Grandfathers Mind Active By Calling Him Every Day And Telling Him World War II Never Happened

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Practicing Self-Care: Thousands Of Americans Are Showing Up To Stare At A Fat Baby Stuck In A Doggy Door To Distract Themselves From Their Trump-Related Anxiety

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Animal Rights Win! Boston Market Has Just Announced That It Has No Idea Where Its Rotisserie Chickens Come From

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Our Country Has Become Worryingly Desensitized To Violence In Hot-Sauce Names

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Find Out What Paula Hawkins, Sheryl Sandberg, And Neil Gaiman Have To Say

Ever wonder whats on the mind of todays most notable people? Well, dont miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day: “When youre ...

If Donald Trump Pardons Me, I Would Be Honored To Serve As Secretary Of Agriculture

One year ago, I was arrested for both statutory rape and possessing child pornography, and I deeply regret my disgusting crimes. Since that fateful day, Ive been serving a 16-year ...
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