Trumpolicy: Day 14


Washington (CNN)For those of you keeping track, it’s now three days in a row without any executive actions by President Donald Trump, but, of course, stay tuned for updates!

As more of the President’s cabinet picks push through to a Senate floor vote and the President himself touts some tough long-distance phone calls, much of the buzz on Capitol Hill still centers on what’s happening with his immigration orders and which “R” word has the most juice when it comes to Obamacare: repeal, replace, or … drumroll … repair?


EXECUTIVE ACTIONS — As we said, all was quiet on that front today.


    • Repair, repeal, replace? On Groundhog Day, Republicans once again find themselves in a war of words, this time over how to describe their health care efforts.
    • Former Lousiana Gov. (and 2016 presidential candidate) Bobby Jindal weighed in with a tongue twister on Twitter, saying, “On Obamacare, Republicans who want to retreat from repeal to repair should be replaced.”
    • What are these Medicaid block grants that many Republicans want? Here’s a helpful explainer.
    OBAMACARE/IMMIGRATION — Trump’s immigration ban could make America’s rural doctor shortage even worse.
    • Trump pledged to help out “big-league” with Mexico’s “tough hombres” in a controversial call with President Enrique Pea Nieto. And #TBT, here’s an unearthed interview from 2011 where Trump said he would put American soldiers on the border to stop illegal immigration.
    • Fallout from Trump’s travel ban continues, as more than 1,000 bodegas in New York City — largely owned and operated by Yemeni-Americans — went on strike Thursday.
    • Trump’s ban is impacting students at the Abaarso boarding school in Somaliland, which is known for sending its students to elite universities in the US. Also, American basketball players are stuck in Dubai.
    • The Miami Herald reports on how the fight against sanctuary cities is taking hold in the Florida state legislature and one of their reporters tweeted about developments on the Miami front this afternoon.
    • After a meeting with the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means committee leaders, Trump called NAFTA a “catastrophe” and said he wanted to “speed up” talks for a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. Meantime, Mexico is prepared to begin renegotiating NAFTA in May, after a 90-day period during which Pea Nieto will consult with Mexican businesses.
    • Here’s a look at the coming fight over the border adjustment tax.
    TAXES — Despite reservations from Sen. John McCain, Mick Mulvaney moved closer to becoming the next OMB director, surviving party-line votes in the Senate Budget and Homeland Security Committees.
    • Senate EPW Chairman John Barrasso took a page out of Sen. Orrin Hatch’s playbook, and suspended his committee rules to vote EPA administrator nominee Scott Pruitt out of committee and to the Senate floor.
    • Rep. Jason Chaffetz is withdrawing his bill that proposed to sell off 3.3 million acres of public land in 10 western states. Trump, his son Don Jr., and incoming Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke all oppose selling public lands.
    • In a huge victory for the coal industry, the Senate, following the House’s lead Wednesday, voted to repeal a rule that requires coal and mining companies to monitor nearby streams for pollutants. Environmentalists say without the rule, there’s no data by which to hold the industry accountable in the event of polluted water. The repeal awaits the President’s signature.
    INFRASTRUCTURE — The right-leaning American Action Forum put out a report raising questions about the “practicality of a private sector funded infrastructure,” and noting that urban areas are most likely to benefit from the draft plans that have circulated.


    TAX CUTS — House Ways and Means Chair Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, gives a speech on tax reform to a forum at Georgetown University’s law school.

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/02/politics/trumpolicy-day-14-roundup/index.html

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