Watch This Uma Thurman Clip And You’ll Understand How Seriously Women In Hollywood Are Taking All These Sexual Assault Scandals


As we continue to report the onslaught of sexual assault and sexual harassment news every single day, and you continue to read the dozens — now hundreds — of stories that keep popping up (Harvey Weinstein,

So maybe this will help.

At an event for her new work The Parisian Woman this weekend, Uma Thurman was asked by reporters about her take on all the sexual harassment and sexual assault scandals that have popped up the last few weeks.

And what she gives, instead of a sound bite, is a quick look into just how profoundly angry women in this industry are about the shameful and shitty ways they’ve been treated for decades now.

Watch this, please (below):


Seriously powerful.

And hopefully a good reminder to us all: even as these allegations and stories may come out by the handful, or dozen, it’s critical we don’t get numb to each individual one in search of the bigger picture.

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Women (and men!) are the real-life victims here, and that should make us all as angry as Uma Thurman in that video.

Food for thought.

[Image via Twitter.]

Read more: http://perezhilton.com/2017-11-04-uma-thurman-kevin-spacey-harvey-weinstein-james-toback-steven-seagal-sexual-harassment-sexual-assault-hollywood

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