What is the Cheapest Health Insurance

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What is the cheapest health insurance company?

I am a single mom and I'd be paying for myself and my son. I don't want to go through my health insurance at work because I don't want to work there for a long amount of time. So I need long term health insurance for the both of us, but I don't want to have to pay over $250 a month. Any suggestions?

Posted by Chelsea
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There’s no single “cheapest” plan or insurer. In most states there are many insurers offering many plans, and what you really want to find is the one best matched for your medical needs and budget. What you find, and end up paying, is also going to depend on where you live, since each state has its own health insurance market. Work with a licensed agent online or off to see what’s available in your area. You can get free quotes, compare plans, and potentially apply for coverage online.

Depending on where you live, your age, and your health, you may not be able to find much in the price range you quoted. But look into it.

Before you decline your employer-sponsored coverage (which isn’t something I’d recommend, generally), please note that the coverage you tend to get through an employer is going to be richer than the coverage you can afford on your own. Plus, employer-based health insurance isn’t going to decline you if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, etc. It’s also worth noting that if and when you do leave your employer, you may be able to continue your employer-based coverage (through COBRA, which can be pricey) or apply for individual or family coverage on your own.

If you decide you do want to decline your employer plan and buy coverage on your own, check out the “Individual Health Insurance For Dummies” book we recently published, for some tips and advice. We’re giving it away for free, in print or electronic form. You can get a copy here:


Best wishes.

Need a cheap health insurance for a female?

I am 21 and a female and I need a cheap health insurance so I can go see a doctor because I am unemployed and do not have the money. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by Sara
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1. There is health insurance that is cheap in all 50 states. No one health insurance is cheap in more than just a few states. To find out what health insurance is cheap where you live, ask your question again with the name of the state where you live.

I could give you many suggestions, but none of them would be of any use, unless you lived in one of the places where the insurance I suggested was cheap. To suggestion something cheap for every state, I would need to make 50 suggestions, and I don't have time. So ask your question again with the name of the state where you live.

2. If you already need to see a doctor, then it is too late to get health insurance that you can use for this visit to the doctor. During the first 6-18 months after you first get health insurance, you cannot use it for things that you already needed before you got health insurance. During this time, you can only use it for things that you do not begin to need until after you get health insurance.

Therefore, you will have to pay for this visit to the doctor, yourself, using only your own money, without using the health insurance that you get.

However, you should get health insurance anyway, so that you will be able to use it the next time that you begin to need something.

Whats a cheap major health insurance plan?

Im paying way too much right now and need a cheaper plan.

Posted by
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If you are looking for the cheapest or best health insurance, check out this site


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