What’s in and what’s out in the latest government spending bill


(CNN)Negotiators reached a critical agreement Sunday night on a large spending bill that if approved this week would fund the government for months, senior aides from both parties told CNN.

As of Sunday night, Democratic and Republican aides disagreed about some of the figures that were initially put out as word of the deal broke.
Below is what aides to both parties agreed is included in the bill, when asked by CNN:
    • $1.5 billion for border security — technology and repairing existing infrastructure with language saying no new border wall construction
    • No money for deportation force or federal cuts to sanctuary cities
    • Billions in new defense spending, including the global war on terrorism
    • No funding cut for Planned Parenthood
    • National Institute of Health funding increase of $2 billion
    • Increase clean energy and science funding
    • Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy is up $17 million over Fiscal Year 2016
    • Department of Energy Office of Science is up $42 million over Fiscal Year 2016
    • Provide permanent fix for miners health insurance
    • $295 million for Puerto Rico Medicaid
    • Disaster package including funding for California, West Virginia, Louisiana and North Carolina, increased funding for transit infrastructure grants and opioid epidemic
    • Restored year round Pell Grants

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/01/politics/government-spending-bill-details/index.html

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