Worlds Heaviest Man Hasnt Left His Bed In 6 years, Then One Day He Finally Stands Up


Juan Pedro, 32, had not left his bed for over 6 years. The Central Mexico man was always bigger, slowly building up to his current state.

At the age of 17, he weighed around 200 pounds and it seemed to just go up from there. A series of serious health problems, includingtype 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, liquid in his lungs, and hypertension, accumulated and made for a startling combination.

Now, weighing in at a striking 1,100 pounds, Juan Pedro had become immobile. He laid in his bed for 6 years, unable to live an active lifestyle, or even try for that matter. He felt helpless.

His mother revealed, “In one of the depressions he had, he didn’t want to go outside anymore. And when he wanted to, he couldn’t move anymore.”

One day, a team of health professionals showed up at his door.

That wasthe day that Juan Pedro wouldstand again.

The health professionals made their way to Juan Pedro’s room. Together, they slowly and firmly lifted Juan Pedro to his feet. After 6 years of his weight trapping him in the small proximity of his bed, Juan Pablo felt a sense of freedom and possibility.

“I think there is a new hope, a new door that has been opened for me,” an excited Juan Pedro explained.

Now, Juan Pedro is on his way to seek treatment for a few months. Here’s to hoping thathis return will be a positive and successfulone.

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